Messenger Delivery Rates

Rent A Messenger Express’s same day courier delivery services, including bicycle and foot couriers, allow for easy, same day courier delivery of small packages less than 15 lbs.

Call 212-389-2791 for information on Corporate Volume Discounts

Base Zone: $17.50
Each Additional Zone: $2.00

Rush Services

Rush = 1.5x Regular rate
Direct Rush = 2X Regular Rate

4-Hr Economy Service

4 Hour Service available below 125th Street with a 10 Delivery Minimum: $15.60 per delivery.

Other Charges

Waiting Time: 70 cents per minute (After 10 min. grace period)
No Pickup: $9.50
Wrong Address: $9.50
Additional Stops in Same Building: $8.75 per stop
Oversize/Overweight: $6.50 (Packages larger than 30×24” or between 10-15 lbs.)
Overtime = 1.5X Regular Rate (Orders scheduled for pickup or delivery after 5:30 PM)
Saturday / Sunday = 1.5x Regular Rate
Hourly Rate: $45.00 per hour

All deliveries are insured against theft for $100.00. Additional insurance is available by request at a rate of $1.50 per $100.00. Acceptance of higher declared value is subject to risk assessment

Manhattan Delivery Zones

1. Battery to Canal
2. Canal to Houston
3. Houston to 14th
4. 15th to 34th
5. 35th to 59th
6. 60th to 79th
7. 80th to 95th
8. 96th to 110th
9. 110th to 125th

For Deliveries above 125th Street please refer to trucking rates.

The BASE ZONE is always the pickup point. Call 212-389-2791 for an estimate of after hours fees.