Terms and Conditions

By giving us your package to deliver, you agree to the following terms:

Rent-a-Messenger Express liability for loss or damage, regardless of the cause, is limited to the lesser of $100 or your actual damage. However, you can pay an additional charge for packages of higher value. You can elect to pay and additional charge of $1.50 for each additional $100 of declared value rounded up to the next highest $100. Rent-a-Messenger Express is NOT be liable for any damage in excess of the declared value.

You are solely responsible for declaring the nature of ALL items being shipped prior to pick up. This ensures that the appropriate care is taken with your package(s). Failure to declare the exact nature of the items being shipped will relieve Rent-a-Messenger Express from all liability for loss or damage regardless of the declared amount. In no event shall Rent-a-Messenger Express be liable for more than $2,000 unless mutually agreed to in writing prior to pick up.

All packages MUST be labelled correctly with both a “From” address and a “To” address.  Rent-a-Messenger Express is relieved from all liability for any any incorrectly labelled packages.